Kunda says MMD exit was depressing

Former Vice President George Kunda says he is saddened by the manner in which Movement for Multi party cabinet ministers were treated after the party lost to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Kunda said that he and the former ministers were constructively evicted due to the fact that a large mob with machetes descended on them.

He said it was sad that certain citizens treated the tripartite elections like a revolution as the formers cabinet members had to be rescued by the police as they left government house for good.

Kunda, who is also Muchinga Member of Parliament (MP), claimed that MMD members are still being pursued for no apparent reason and some of them are in hiding for fear of retribution.

He also advised the PF to ensure it provides security for all citizens and prepare for its exit as politics is a game of chance.

The former Vice President said the new regime must realize that their so much chanted slogan don’t kubeba is double edged and maybe used against them in future if they fail to deliver.

He charged that the government is still enjoying its honeymoon as nothing has been done yet to foster national development.

Kunda said PF must ensure it lives up to the expectations of the Zambian people as opposed to talking about imaginary mistakes of political opponents.

Commenting on the banning of disbursement of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) until audits are done, the Muchinga MP said there is need for parliament to enact laws that will work as a guide to the utilization of the funds.

Kunda further appealed to the PF government to be sincere to the voters and apologize in the event that  they are not able to deliver on the 90 days promise.

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