Kunda says police acted professionally during Mongu riots

Vice President George Kunda has told parliament that security agencies acted with restraint and professionally to quell the riots in Mongu on 14th January, 2011, over the Barotseland agreement.

And vice president Kunda said no one will be compensated over the fracas that ended in two people being killed.
Responding to a point of order raised by Luena Member of Parliament Charles Milupi pertaining to the Mongu riots, Kunda said there is no justifiable cause for calls for the dismissal of home affairs minister Mkondo Lungu and Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde over the manner the police handled the rioters.

Kunda said people who feel aggrieved by police action should go to court and prove their case if they want to be compensated.

Kunda said the behaviour of seccessions in Mongu and Limulunga threatened peace and lives of other tribes in the province.

He said the 14th January, 2011 incident warranted police to use minimum force against the rioters.

Kunda added that the police acted professionally when dealing with the situation in Mongu and prevented the further loss of life and property.

The vice president says government deeply regrets what happened in Mongu, adding that acts of violence and lawlessness should be condemned by all peace loving Zambians.

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