Kunda speaks on Mwanawasa ‘legacy’

President George Kunda says people questioning the continuation of the legacy of late President Levy Mawanawasa are being malicious.

Mr . Kunda said he together with the late President and the current President Rupiah Banda were attacked and insulted when they were putting the current policies in place by the same people who are now championing the legacy.

Mr . Kunda said the MMD government was still following the development plan that was devised under the late President Mwanawasa in 2006 such as the Fifth National Development Plan.

He explained that the donors were still funding the programmes under the FNDP adding that support from the donors was growing stronger and stronger and that this showed the confidence the donors had in the programmes that government was implementing.

The Vice President was speaking in an interview in Livingstone today when he featured on Zambezi FM radio station.

”We have a development plan which we devised under the Late President Levy Mwanawasa in 2006. We developed these documents together and at that time President Rupiah Banda was Vice-President and most of us were ministers. Donors still have the confidence because it is the same government but we must appreciate that Mr. Banda is an individual and he has his own qualities but we are implementing a national programme,” he said.

Mr.  Kunda said the economy was growing stronger and that the issue of the legacy should not arise adding that the National Anti-Corruption Policy that was recently launched by President Rupiah Banda started before the death of the late President.

Mr.  Kunda said the MMD government was on course in terms of development and service delivery adding that the government was working on a five year manifesto and the FNDP.

He said so far, government had included all its nine provinces in the development agenda.

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