Kunda: we have drafted law to regulate journalists

Government has drafted a law to regulate the Zambian media.
Vice president George Kunda announced in Lusaka Thursday.
And Mr. Kunda has told journalists not to magtch to State House on Friday saygeorgekundaediteding their security is not guaranteed.
Mr. Kunda made the announcement during a meeting with media organisations representatives at his office.
Mr. Kunda told the media bodies representatives that the media should give government a framework of their proposed self regulation. He said failure to do so government will enact its draft law to regulate the media.
He said that the media has failed to regulate itself and accused media body representatives of failing to condemn a false story run by the Post newspaper on Wednesday.
The Post reported that South African president Jacob Zuma was not aware of the visit by president Rupiah Banda who is currently in that country.
On the protest match by journalists, Mr. Kunda, who was flanked by Ronnie Shikapwasha, Vernon Mwanga and Lameck Mangani said the journalists should not match.
He said the protest match may result into chaos.
But journalists have vowed to go ahead with their protest.
Media body representative are expected to brief members and other sympathizers on the way forward
ympathizers on the way forward

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