Kuomboka boat to be paddled by Zambian soldiers not Lozi tradionalists

Kuomboka boat to be paddled by Zambian soldiers not Lozi tradionalists


IMG_2231Edgar Lungu has ordered the Zambia Army marine unit to  to paddle the royal Nalikwanda Badge during the Kuomboka Ceremony slated for this weekend.

State House and Barotseland contacts have revealed that the Litunga does not trust the royal traditional paddlers and asked the Zambia Marine from Luapula Province to be  disguised as royal paddlers wearing the Lozi Traditional gear.

The Litunga himself requested Lungu to give him the  marines to paddle and Edgar Lungu with Vice-President Inonge Wina agreed to the request and have since moved to Western Province where they have been practising paddling the Nalikwanda badge.

Inonge Wina was recently in Western Province and saw the mood for herself as not being conducive for the traditionalists to paddle the Litunga and his guest Edgar Lungu who has been invited by his friend the Litunga.

“What you will experience during this Kuomboka Ceremony has completely lost the meaning. It’s just ceremonial as the Litunga has invited none Lozis to paddle him. Him and Lungu don’t trust the Lozi Traditionalists so they have called marines from Luapula Province to paddle the Nalikwanda boat. These officers have been moved into small units at night and already in Lialuyi and Limulunga in readiness to paddle the the boat,” impeccable sources have revealed.

Kuomboka Ceremony will be held on 8th April for the first time in 4 years.

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