Kuomboka Limulunga saga


We have keenly and precisely followed the different versions of HH and EL Saga commonly known as BAE and Eagle 1 motorcade saga. As per tradition the state has rushed to issue a statement primarily to portray HH as the cause of the miss hap. We want to draw you into the detail reasoning as we know most Zambians are subjective. There were 600 plus Police officers, about 400 Zambia army personal and hundreds of intelligence officers with more that 200 vehicles to their disposal. Here are a few questions to consider in understanding this matter. Did the protocol officers tell HH that Edgar Lungu would be coming behind him and they needed to give way to him? Where were the Zambia Police motor bikes and RATSA high way patrol vehicles? Where were the Zambia Police Land cruisers? Who was sweeping ahead of Edgar motorcade? We have seen Police officers in most cases paraded by the road side for more than four hours, what happened this time around? You people must learn to think and process information once you receive it. Edgar’s Protocol officers did this deliberately to want to flex their muscles after gruesomely humiliation and embarrassment by the love the Westerners showed HH and GBM. Its that simple. Of all the cameras present honestly no one could capture the sweepers for Edgar Lungu? Amos Chanda says a split decision was made whether to kill (Bump off) HH or not. Why was that decision considered? Was their confrontation among the two motorcade that risked Edgar? Why has Amos just targeted HH(BAE) vehicle when there were more vehicles on HH s motorcade than that of Edgar? Readers, don’t be fooled. Their was timely intent to the vehicle if not why not talk of GBM vehicle? We also know there was a team of officers trailing UPP president and others assigned to trail HH in western Province. Edgar was very aware of this operation. We won’t dwell more on this operation now. Police IG Kanganja must discipline his Police officers who did not do their work properly. Don’t just condemn HH any how even if he is a house hold name. With the information given to us by Edgar’s entourage the state had intent. How difficult was it for Edgar’s protocol officers to communicate with HH’s aides whom they know very well? Zambians!!!! learn to think outside the box. The Fixing team.

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