Kwacha continues bleeding while Zambian CEO Sata goes under again

Kwacha continues bleeding while Zambian CEO Sata goes under again

The Zambian Kwacha has today officially breached the K6.5 mark to the US dollar and K11 to the British pound.

The rates are now ranging from K6.4080 and K6.6350 to one US dollar and K10.8532 and K11.0683 to the British Pound on the money market.

And the whereabouts of the vocal first lady Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata are still unknown.

Just last week, the Kwacha was trading K6.3 but the situation seems not improving and may possibly lead to another fuel increment, as prices of essential commodities keep raising.

All this is happening while the chief executive of the Zambian economy, Michael Sata is busy fighting traditional leaders in various parts of the country and suppressing opposition parties and media freedoms from his State House sick-bed.

Even the facebook page run by George Chellah that was initially running the country through lies, and widely quoted by lazy government journalists, has now become static, only posting greetings once in a while.

Ailing dictator Sata, who should possibly have been a mere village headmen, than being president, has again gone sleeping inside what has basically been turned into a presidential treatment ground for him, than being a government State House for serious national duty.

When rumours of his sickness grew last week, he worsened his situation by venturing outside the sick bed to the Labour Day celebrations but his attempted speech only lasted less than a minute, the shortest ever delivered by any Head of State in world, especially for such a serious occasion.

What is worse for Mr. Sata, the wife still awol after reportedly marital differences over his concubines that visited him while in State House sick-bed.

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