Kwacha continues tumbling

The Kwacha has continued going down even after breaching the K7, 000 per USD line.

Today, (Thursday February 19, 2015) one USA Dollar is selling at K7.1292. A British Pound is going for K11, 019. To buy One Euro you need K8, 141

Just yesterday, one USA Dollar was selling at K7000 Zambian Kwacha (or K7 PF currency) in most commercial banks.
In Bureaux de change where many people buy foreign currency, one Dollar had reached K7.2.
One British Pound was selling at K11, 000 in most Bureaux de change. In commercial banks 1 Pound is going for K10, 800. ZANACO, FNB, Barclays are all selling 1 USD dollar above K7, 000.

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