Kwacha falls further

Kwacha falls further

One US Dollar is now fetching K12.50, according to Zambia National Commercial Bank. In private bureaux, the Kwacha is is even weaker and is likely to sell at K13 per dollar by midweek.

Meanwhile, Russian trained economist Lubinda Habazoka has attributed the depreciation of the Kwacha to comments by Zambians on Facebook and Twiter.

Habazioka who heads the economic association of PF says the government is doing a good job but citizens are making the Kwacha lose value.

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    mumbi phiri 2 weeks ago

    Zambians are paying the price for their utter tribalistic stupidity, cheers. If you think this is worse wait until the Chinese takeover all the assets.

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    The3y3 2 weeks ago

    So that’s how week the PF Kwacha is, he’s just attesting to how useless they are, can a currency really fall that much just based on people’s comments on social media?

  • comment-avatar
    eastern boy 2 weeks ago

    Had alot of respect for habazoka but kanshi was mistaken