L400 project will only create 500 jobs not 1000 lies by Sata

L400 project will only create 500 jobs not 1000 lies by Sata


Nothing to do: PF ministers gather to witness cutting a ribbon

Nothing to do: PF ministers and officials gather to witness cutting a ribbon

The rehabilitation of 408 kilometres of roads in Lusaka, the so-called L400, will only create 500 casual jobs and not the 1000 jobs announced by President Michael Sata.

And like most white elephants promised by PF, this simple job of rehabilitating already existing roads will take four years to complete, if at all it would be completed.

Very little is heard about Link Zambia nowadays, how come?

Sata announced on Tuesday through his spokesperson George Chellah that the project will cost US$348.8 million and is expected to create at least1000 jobs during the construction period. See the statement by Sata on State House website here

But lies are difficult to coordinate and or maintain. His minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Yamfwa Mukanga who launched the L400 road project in Lusaka West yesterday said the project would create 500 jobs. See the report on the government controlled Daily Mail here


A group of ministers gathered to launch the project, which  Mukanaga said will take almost four years (43 months) to complete.

Government officials who attended the launch are ministers of Finance (Alexander Chikwanda), Home Affairs (Edgar Lungu), Chiefs and Traditional Affairs (Nkandu Luo) and Local Government and Housing (Emerine Kabanshi).

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