Labour day celebration meaningless under PF

I wish to share my sentiments over the labour day celebrations under
the PF. Personally, I  feel not duty bound to join in the
celebrations. The PF government has done more harm to me and those
that are in the same category of educational standards. How can I
celebrate the  loss of Kr 1,900 from a basic of Kr 4,600?

Country men and women, the developments on my pay slip have not
translated into the promise of more money in the pocket. Several civil
servants have seen a reduction of their buying capacity through the
removal of certain allowances from their conditions of service. This
has negatively affected the livelihood of the worker. It is not easy
to sustain oneself in this economy with a cut of Kr 1900. My purse is
empty and I keep on cursing those that brought in the MADNESS of PF to
govern this nation. My projects are now on the stand still. If I had
access to public resources, my predicament could warrant stealing to
seal up the gap. This is not the reason I can join and be paraded to
justify the PF MADNESS. With the increase in fuel prices, the
challenge will even become big.

The PF MADNESS has ushered civil servants in an error of being highly
indebted. The scheme loans introduced by the MMD government brought
dignity to civil servants. As servants of the politicians, we could
borrow and leave a 40% of the salary to survive. Vehicles and housing
projects and many other things were being done to prepare for the
future since we borrowed into the future. The PF MADNESS came in with
their usual irrational ideas of a civil servant bank which has not
come into play till now. This led them to start gymnastics of making
financial institutions find it difficult to lend to a civil servant.
They changed the rules of the game and asked lenders to leave 60% of
the gross and only lend out of 40%. This may seem good to some naïve
thinking cadres but it reduced the borrowing power.

The consequence of this PF MADNESS is that most of the civil servants
fell below the 60% threshold since we borrowed at 40%. The removal of
some allowances even made it worse. In March 2013 month end, most of
the repayments to banks and other financial institutions were zeroed.
In April, government did not remit the loan recoveries to banks. As a
result, servants were cumbered by phone calls from banks asking
individuals to take the money to banks.

Country men and women, this development is very sad to us workers.
Our toothless unions have kept quiet over the matter. It is not easy
to take much out a little to the bank in person. No level of
discipline can work here. PF MADNESS has put its servants in trouble
with the banks. The banks also will not recover as expected. The
projects started by civil servants will remain at slab level since
banks will not give US top ups. This is TOTAL MADNESS of the PF.

Our hope was the salary increment in March but alas a wage freeze has
been indirectly imposed as reported by the Watchdog earlier on.
Instead, we are waiting for the harmonized salaries in September 2013.
The servant has to soldier on through thick and thin until September.
I can not celebrate a promise of harmonized salaries especially
promised by the LYING government.

PF should use the brains before doing anything. Small financial
institutions like BLUE may not survive as they will collect below
target until the PF MADNESS is cured and deductions effected back
through the payroll.


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