Labour minister confesses trade unionism is dead

Labour minister confesses trade unionism is dead

Former trade unionist and now minister of labour Joyce Nonde Simukoko has confessed that the labour movement in the country is weak, but partly this is due to corruption under the PF regime who are determined to silence any critic voice. Other than protecting workers, Nonde also used her union position to secure a marriage for herself.

After submitting ministerial report to President Edgar Lungu at state house, Nonde a former Zambia Union of Financial institutions and Allied Workers – ZUFIAW and later the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia – FFTUZ, Nonde said that the unions in the country were weak hence the abuse by various employers.

She claims that she is going to introduce a sector minimum wage and will start with the agriculture sector after a tripartite meeting with the labour movement and the Zambia Federation of Employers. But UPND chairperson for labour Percy Chato has described Nonde’s comments as mockery because she has presided at the height of gross labour abuses in the country and the labour inspectorate under her ministry is completely dead.

And contrary to her statement, Joyce Nonde recently created confusion when she threatened to have the arrest of a whistle blower Mika in the matter where the horse shoe restaurant workers were complaining against abuse by their Greek employers. Instead of addressing the concerns of workers she decided to side with the workers and later convinced them to withdraw the police cases they had against their employer.

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