Labour office betrayed us to MMI integrated in exchange for bribes

MMl Integrated Steel is a leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel and international-quality galvanised coils, supplying Zambia and the region. As well as its manufacturing facility in Lusaka, MM Integrated Steel also has plants and supply centres in Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Malawi.the company is under Mr Gopal Kedia who is the managing director and with the help of Mr George Tembo who is the company human resource of MMI steels at the same time operates as accountant of the company,
My cry is that the company has bought the labour office with brown envelops, the reason I have said so is it’s the labour office that report’s us to the company when we go to lodge complaints about our unpaid salaries I am jobless now because of the labour office which forwarded the list of workers who went to report that we are under paid gross salaries for a general work at MMI steels in lusaka is k1600 in words one thousand six hundred kwacha.
The labour office which is suppose to protect us, sold us to the company and if people say any thing about increment of salary he or she will be on the list of the people going when the contract end no renewal of the contract.if the government can’t help us should we go to the opposition party to cry so that maybe they can help us with this issus.we are crying looking at the high standard of living in Zambia now help us please coz the labour office is selling us to the company when we go there for help.
I Cry for mother Zambia.

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