Lack of confidence in Sata by PF leaders is suspicious- Changala

Lack of confidence in Sata by PF leaders is suspicious- Changala

Brebner Changala

A concerned citizen Brebner Changala has questioned the continued bickering and early campaigns in PF to unseat President Michael Sata who still has four more years in his term and constitutionally run for another term in office.

Mr. Changala said he gets extremely worried when senior PF party leaders who are supposed to concentrate on fulfilling the many promises to the people are currently engaged in clandestine activities to unseat the president.

I may not be a PF member myself and would have had no interest if they were dealing with replacing Mr. Sata as an opposition leader, but we are now talking about replacing a sitting Head of State which can even be treasonable.

As members of the general public, we are left with no option but to speculate that our colleagues in the ruling party are preview to some serious information about the Head of State which they are not telling the nation.

Mr. Changala said it was the first time a group of power hungry people had taken the leadership of the country to a point of even wanting to unseat their own party leader, whose is a sitting president, hardly a year in office.

He has called on the PF leaders to come out in the open tell the nation what was wrong with president Sata for them to pass a vote of no confidence in him so soon after elections.

“Mind you, some of the moves and actions by one of the warring parties borders on the threat to national security”.

“By their very own coordinated statements carefully issued in their friendly publication for almost a month now, one can clearly see that, there is serious succession war both in the party and government”.

“This confirms one theory doing the rounds in the country that the President of Zambia is being held hostage by a known powerful clique of one of the PF backers”.

“Zambians must therefore, collectively carry out  a presidential rescue operation, and sooner. Zambia needs a free, energetic, vibrant and a predictable President”. Not a hostage of very few power hungry individuals”. Changala said.

He said it would have been understood if the rush and pressure to replace president Sata as sitting Head of State was coming from opposition parties because that was their role.

But the current situation where the president’s own people have basically shown to the Zambians that he is not fit to hold office leaves room for citizens to petition and possibly call for a medical board to examine the president’s condition.

“There seem to be something very serious with the President which the warring parties are privy to. The silence and failure by the President to bring the warring parties together has troubled many in our Country”. Changala said.

Changala recalled that the such a call would not be strange to this country as it was done under late Levy Mwanawasa, by president Sata himself so as to clear the air. Mr. Sata had asked the then Chief Justice to constitute a medical board to examine and determine the clinical state of President Mwanawasa Sc.

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