Lack of essential drugs in hospitals


Dear Editor,

I am a concerned worker at Ministry of Health and really worried with the state of affairs at the moment in our country concerning drug availability in our country.

Hospitals and Health centers country wide do not have essential medicines and health centre kits for the past 3 months.
And its a concern to us that the minister of health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya through his PS Dr. Malama are busy paying contractors for building health facilities at the expense of drugs all because of kick backs that are involved and are beneficial to them as individuals, if you do an investigation it is amazing the properties and wealth these people have amassed.
If you went to Medical Stores right now you will find that essential drugs have run out and this has been the case for the passed 3 months this is evident in all the hospitals and rural health centres around the country.

Yours Faithfully,
Whistle Blower

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