Lack of funding extends to military, soldiers’ salaries delaying

Lack of funding extends to military, soldiers’ salaries delaying

Sata inspecting unpaid soldiers

Sata inspecting unpaid soldiers

There is despondency in the security wings due to erratic funding and salaries for soldiers have been delaying in the last six months.

Highly placed sources from Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Defence have disclosed that the Zambia Army and Zambia Air Force (ZAF) are the worst hit while Zambia National Service (ZNS) depends on other income generation activities such as hiring their services to private individuals and institutions.

“Our salaries have been delaying for the past 5 to 6 months now. There is erratic funding for a lot of other key military services such as a fuel, allowances, deployments, among others. There is total despondency and lack of morale, especially in the army and ZAF. At least ZNS is able to meet some of its costs from their income generation activities such as hiring graders and construction of roads to private institutions and individuals. We really fear what might happen if the situation is not normalised and continues to go unchecked. This is the first time in the history of the country that the security wings have been treated this badly by any government,” sources said.

Sources said soldiers around the country are already feeling the impact as they no longer receive free mealie meal and other food stuffs which have been added to their salaries.

But the minimal additions to their salaries have been wiped out by the high cost of living in the country and now continued delayed salaries.

The PF government seems to have over-contracted on corrupt roads contracts where leaders get huge cuts and have completely neglected other sectors.

So far the PF government has not funded key health institutions such as Kitwe, Ndola, UTH, and Livingstone hospitals for the last 5 months leaving them to rely on fees from High Cost services.

Patients in clinics, such as Kalabo in Western province and others, are also starving due to lack of funding.

Farmers in various parts of the country have also not been paid for their maize despite the PF having reduced the maize floor price from the announced K70 to less than K60 as they deduct K5 for empty bags and K3 for crop levy.

More than 4000 students at UNZA have also been sent into the streets as the bankrupt PF government is unable to pay for their bursary as Sports Ministers Chishimba Kambwili insists it is not government responsibility to educate citizens.

Despite being bankrupt, the PF removed key government subsidies on fuel and maize pushing the prices of essential commodities beyond the reach of most Zambians and making life difficult.

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