Lake Safaris forced to pay workers

Lake Safaris forced to pay workers

After being exposed, Lake Safari now says it will pay the workers it will send on forced leave. Yesterday Lake Safari issued a memo to the effect that the lodge would be closed due to Covid-19 but that workers will not be paid.

The minute the memo was posited here, labour and union officials breathed on the necks of lodge owners.

From : Management (Lake Safari Lodge)
To : All Employees
Date: 03/04/2020

Lake Safari Lodge is Retracting the memo sent out on 01/04/2020. this new memo is what now stands.

Following the resolutions passed during special tripartite consultative labour council meeting held on 26th March 2020 at Twangale Park and announced in the press statement by the Minister of Labour and social security and with guidance from the Siavonga Labour officer and due to the Covid-19 outbreak and lack of business with people not able to travel, Lake Safari Lodge will:
1. Initiate forced leave with full pay where necessary.
2. Pay leave days.

All measures noted on previous memo has been retracted.

Management (Lake Safari Lodge)

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