OP intercepts Lameck Mangani’s communication to plunder fertiliser

OP intercepts Lameck Mangani’s communication to plunder fertiliser

The Intelligence service commonly known as the Office of the President Special Division in Eastern Province has intercepted communication linking Mr. Lameck Mangani to a ploy to plunder Fertiliser being distributed by the Food Reserve Agency.

Senior Intelligence Officers have told the Zambian Watchdog that the former Home Affairs Minister and now Eastern Province Patriotic Front Chairperson together with a Mr. Chishala Chilufya also a senior PF member have formed 50 cooperatives with the sole objective of diverting fertiliser from FRA to Tobacco farming a business that does not fall under the Food Reserve Agency.

According to the the intelligence sources, Mr.Mangani and Chishala’s company called Eastern Fodia Association of Zambia (EFAZ) has a huge debt with a number of Tobacco purchasing companies like Alliance Zambia that give out inputs so EFAZ can not access fertiliser from these companies.

Mr. Mangani then formed 50 cooperatives so that once the fifty cooperatives access the fertiliser from FRA, Mangani and Chishala will then divert the fertiliser to Tobacco production instead of Maize production.

The Intelligence community fear that once Mangani succeeds in his schemes with Chishala, genuine beneficiaries of fertiliser from FRA will suffer thereby affecting Maize production in the country.

“You know it is very rare for us to use the media but we just have to do it. Mangani has become a big liability to the smooth operation of government departments in the province. Imagine he even goes to inspect government projects and blast at innocent civil servants. This has to stop. We really do not know where this government is taking us” the source said.

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