Land along Mumbwa road grabbed from poor Zambians by rich foreigner


I want to thank you so very much for the good job you are doing in informing the masses.
I can confess am adicted to your site.

I want to inform you that the land just next to Mushe milling along Mumbwa road in Lusaka has been grabed from poor Zambians by an Asian National who claims to have papers for the same land.

There are about 200 families who have stayed in this place for the past five years. This afternoon about 500 people gathered to chart the way foward. They invited TV2 and TBN to cover the event. A good number of police officers came with riot gears and guns in anticiption of violence.

In the past few days the police have been intimidating the poor Zambias by proteting this Asian national. All the people found loitoring around that place were arested. The place is being gurded by the police, the so called invester has started demolishing the structures built in the same place. The invester is even using police vehicle to fery his blocks in order to build a wall fence around the same place. It seems there is a connection between the police and this Asian national.

If you see it fit, kindly publish this story.

( with hold my name)

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