Lapgreen’s Hans Paulsen says hasn’t been in Zambia since January, deportation report fake

Lapgreen’s Hans Paulsen says hasn’t been in Zambia since January, deportation report fake

Paulsen (left), deported Adnan Hayee (black hair)

Former ZAMTEL managing director HANS PAULSEN says home affairs minister and PF media are lying that he was deported from Zambia.

And Paulsen has demanded that Edgar Lungu and his unprofessional media retract the lies as they have injured his reputation at home and internationally.

Paulsen told the Watchdog that he has not been in Zambia since January 2012 when he freely left the country for Uganda.

‘On 23 and 24 August 2012, it was reported on Radio Phoenix news, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation television and radio including the daily newspapers namely Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and the Post Newspapers that I, Hans Paulsen was arrested in Makeni, Zambia and subsequently deported to Uganda on the premise that I was in possession of two work permits one from Sierra Leone and the other under the name of Zamtel’ Paulsen explained.

‘I would like to put it on record and express my utmost disappointment at the false statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs, Edgar Lungu who falsely and maliciously made a statement in the media that I had been deported from Zambia when in fact I have never been in Zambia since January 2012,’ He sais

Paulsen went on to say ‘this is the time that I resigned from Zamtel and subsequently left Zambia for my home country, Uganda. The foregoing can be verified by the immigration officials in Uganda and from my passport. It is with regret that a senior member of the government can carelessly issue such a false and sensitive statement without verifying whether or not the information is correct.’

Paulsen is shocked by the lack of ethics by the Zambian media and says:

‘It is also regrettable that the media in Zambia acted unprofessionally by falsely reporting that I had been deported from Zambia when in fact not. The media lamentably failed to act professionally and ethically by not verifying the story from myself on whether I had in fact been deported from Zambia. It is a well known practice worldwide that the media must always verify their stories and accord all the parties an opportunity to hear their side of the story.’

‘In view of the foregoing, my reputation has been greatly injured and demeaned in the eyes of right thinking members of the public both in Zambia and abroad. By the said statement by the Minister and the reports by the media, my reputation has been lowered, brought into ridicule, odium and contempt.’

‘As a result of these defamatory remarks by the Minister of Home affairs, I demand that the government of Zambia should publicly retract the false statement and apologise to me. Further, I also demand that the media mentioned herein or any media that the falsely reported that I was deported from Zambia retract their reports and tender an apology to me publicly.


On Thursday, August 23, 2012, the Zambian Watchdog reported that Adnan Haye, the former Chief Financial Officer of ZAMTEL under LAP Green was arrested on Friday 17th August in Lusaka and deported to Pakistan on Monday 20th August at night.

He was denied access to a lawyer.

Acting on this information, Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu who is often drunk called a press briefing the same Afternoon to respond to the story.

But most likely due to beer, he mistook Adnan Haye for Hans Paulsen.

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