Larry Mweetwa dissect PF lies on him

Larry Mweetwa dissect PF lies on him

Minister of home Affairs Steven Kampyongo last evening went on National Television with lies aimed at defaming my name and character.
He told the nation that they have evidence linking me to city Market inferno because I cerebrated and posted something immediately city market was gutted. Again I wish to put this clearly to the public that at no time did I post anything about City Market fire.

UK is 2hours behind Zambia, so it was about 03:00 UK time or 5:00AM Zambian time when city market was burnt. I only came to learn of the city market inferno after the UPND Media Team contacted me in the morning that Kampyongo told marketeers at city market 13minutes after the fire that one Larry Mweetwa was the mastermind and this was followed by a media statement by Our mother ba Mumbi Phiri-PF deputy spokes person accusing me of having a hand in the burning of city market.

Upon receiving this news I put up a press statement vehemently denying the accusations as I posted nothing related to the burning of the market. Later in the day I called my cousin who was running my T shirt screen printing business at city Market to find out the safety of our machines and he told me everything was destroyed. I set up the T-Shirt printing Services purely to assist upnd Candidates especially councillors with limited resources to offer nearly free services to support our great party upnd. All that was destroyed and I can never rejoice to see such damage affecting million lives.

Pre emptying KAMPYONGO’s head!

1. The picture and image Kampyongo is cheating the nation to defame me was initially circulated on social media by Kwacha times a PF propaganda mouth piece.

2.The account is Fake and was created by PF. instead of putting city Market images they put Kamwala Market! Can you see how dull your ministers are?

3. The 6hours time difference when the post was made and the gutting of city market does not match with uk time zone and the time of the inferno.

4. The daily mail further defamed me in their article saying I applauded the burning of Lusaka city market shortly after it started, that is a total fabrication, when in the actual sense I offered sympathy and prayers to our brothers and sisters who lost property in the inferno.

5. In UK we don’t use 3G but 4G gsm and no double sim. The post was fabricated by Mr.Kampyongo.

When a witch doctor fails to remove evil spirits from his patient, he will ask them to bring a dog’s horn. PF should first admit that they failed to offer protection and security of the market. And what Zambians need are answers not shifting the blame on innocent citizens.

What role do carders play in keeping vigil of city market since they are neither police nor armcor?

Why did it take 13 minutes for PF to know who burnt the market? Do they know something we don’t know?

Why didn’t the minister allow the police to carry out a thorough investigation before making unsubstantiated conclusion and worse off skewing the outcome by directing the IG to hunt for me.

Surely, the Zambian government will pay heavily in billions for this character assassination and defamation of my name.

Here below is the statement I posted when city Market was gutted and this is the only post I made regarding the inferno.

I therefore ask all well meaning Zambians to ignore the rantings from this taka taka minister Kampyongo and Our Mother Mumbi Phiri.

Press Statement
For immediate release.
I would like to inform the public that the post circulating on social media attributed to me is fake news and has nothing to do with Soweto market.

This is an attempt by PF to avoid responsibility, shift blame and minimise the damage they have caused on innocent citizens of this great nation.

Kindly when you see such fake post from PF, take time and look at the two images they are totally different.

Our prayers are with the people of Zambia who have lost property and income.

Larry Mwewtwa

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