Last minute projects won’t help you, Banda tells PF

People’s Alliance for Change says last-minute developmental projects by government have put too much pressure on the national treasury.

Alliance leader Andyford Banda says it is unfortunate that the Patriotic Front, under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, has resorted to overspending in order to please the electorate at the last minute thereby putting pressure on the treasury.

“President [Edgar] Lungu should take it easy; a mess has already been done and overspending on last-minute projects will not help you win political mileage because Zambians have seen this before under ( fourth Republican president) Rupiah Banda,” Banda said in an interview.

He said the government should be responsible enough to protect the interests of everyone and not to deplete the national coffers.

“The PF government should be responsible enough and not take Zambians for granted and misuse their resources to win votes. These projects that they are implementing at the last minute will have an adverse impact on the economy if not stopped,” he added.

Banda expressed disappointment with the manner in which the PF leadership had taken so much pride in talking about many projects they had embarked on countrywide, which were likely to remain as white elephants at the end of the day.

“These projects that the PF government are starting on a daily basis despite knowing that the country is in a crisis will have a very bad impact on the country’s economy in the near future. I also see a situation where we will have a lot of white elephants all over the country because the many projects that we have will not suffice,” he said.

The PAC leader advised the electorate to be vigilant and question the government on their spending so that the country does not run into huge budget deficits.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to provide checks and balances to the sitting government so that the national resources are not misused by selfish politicians who are interested in themselves and not Zambians,” said Banda.

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