Late Mwanawasa’s niece has broken spine after accident

One of the abandoned patients Late Levy Mwanawasa’s first cousin Catherine Mwanawasa’s daughter Tiberth Musambachime has been diagonized with a broken spine and is still in critical condition after the near fatal accident with president Michael Sata’s son Kazimu.

As revealed by the Zambian Watchdog yesterday, government has confirmed that president Sata’s son Kazimu has been evacuated to Johannesburg, South Africa, for specialist treatment for injuries suffered in a road traffic accident, leaving other equally critical patients behind.

Ministry of Health permanent secretary David Chikamata confirmed in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Kazimu Sata, who was earlier admitted at Kitwe’s Wusakile Mine Hospital, was evacuated to South Africa on Wednesday evening using a government hired air ambulance.

Kazimu was on Tuesday involved in a road traffic accident on the Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway.

But highly placed hospital sources say Tiberth Musambachime (late Levy Mwanawasa’s niece) is equally in critical condition with a broken spine and legs among other injuries, despite being abandoned by Sata’s family.

She was among others that were being driven in the State House Landcruiser vehicle ALG 3457 being driven by State House driver who came out unscratched.

When Sata was in critical condition in 2008, late Levy Mwanawasa personally intervened to save his life by ordering an evacuation to South Africa where he survived despite the insults he showered on him as an opposition leader.

Sata survived and later became president after telling all sorts of lies to the Zambian population.

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