Late president Mwanawasa family fight for estate

Late President, Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa’s older children, Miriam and Rona have accused Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa of depriving them their father’s multi –billion estate.

The children have also stated that they will instruct lawyers to sue Mrs. Mwanawasa and the Administrator of the estate on Monday. The legal action is aimed at recovering their share of the estate.

In a statement issued by the late president’s children on Saturday in Lusaka, they accused Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa of benefitting from the assets of their father and keeping the wealth and estate to herself and her biological children.

Miriam and Rona accused Mrs. Mwanawasa of collecting K800million from Cabinet Office, contributions made by Zambians towards the funeral and keeping it to herself to the exclusion of all the children and the Mwanawasa’s family.

The children stated that Mrs. Mwanawasa merely gave them an amount of K15million only shortly after the burial of Dr. Mwanawasa.

The children demanded that the written Will be executed as outlined and their share given as stated by Dr. mwanawasa Will

Miriam also accused Maureen of preventing her to lay a wreath as daughter of the late president child during the burial of her father on September 3rd 2008. Lorna was also prevented from leaving the Copperbelt University where she was studying then, and could not join the family for her father’s funeral.

Mrs. Mwanawasa refused to comment and referred all queries to the executor of the estate.

Dr. Mwanawasa was third president of the Republic of Zambia. He died at Percy Military Hospital in France on August 19th 2008. He had suffered a stroke two months earlier whilst at Sharma Sheik, Egypt for the African Union Summit.

As a widow, Mrs. Mwanawasa is entitled to a salary for life of the 50% of the incumbent president’s salary. Cabinet office has also extended benefits such accommodation, her upkeep, security and drivers.

The children; Miriam, Patrick and Lorna are from Dr. Mwanawasa’s earlier marriage with Mrs. Ann Ziba Mwanawasa. He divorced her in 1988 to marry Maureen. With Maureen, Dr. Mwanawasa had Chipo, Lubona and Ntembe.

Maureen’s children have taken centre stage in collaborating and organizing the memorials of Dr. Mwanawasa.

His eldest son, Patrick has taken in interest in politics and following the father’s footsteps. He is currently eyeing the Kafulafuta seat in Mpongwe, Ndola Rural. This seat is currently held by George Mpombo who is a strong critic of President Rupiah Banda but has been expelled by the MMD.

Recently Mrs. Mwanawasa accused government on the BBC of giving her meager benefits. She quickly regretted her statement when government disclosed the exorbitant costs they have spent on her, her welfare and her children.

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