Latest: Mutati bows before Lungu, to quit MMD and join PF

Felix Mutati has reportedly given up his presidential ambitions in preference to make money now as PF minister of Finance.

Dictator Edgar Lungu has in the past few days sponsored demonstrations in Chipata and Kabwe to force Mutati to either leave the PF or kneel down before Lungu and swear allegiance to him.

According to people close to Mutati, he has decided to worship Lungu and will therefore resign from the MMD and join PF anytime even today.

It is expected that Mutati will join PF together with his followers.




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    More money

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    If Mutati joins PF, it is because ECL wants him to take over from him and Mutati has agreed to this scheme knowing how difficult it will be for ECL to stand again. ECL wants someone who he knows can protect him after his term to take over from him. That is the game plan for ECL. He knows it would be easy to sell Mutati knowing he is more associated with the larger Bemba tribal grouping though Mutati is part of the Lungu tribal group of Mporokoso district.

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    Zebron Thole 6 months

    Se**na wuikute!

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      kidon 6 months

      Mutati is just a greedy bugger.
      In 2021 its PF losing.

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    TOLILO 6 months

    Nevers Mumba was right.He has been vindicated,ba Mutati was planted to kill MMD.