Laura Miti accuses Lungu of being dangerous tribalist

Laura Miti accuses Lungu of being dangerous tribalist

By Laura Miti
President Lungu is a Lethal Tribalist
There is a lot worrying about the Lungu Presidency but what troubles me the most about this President is his deep-seated tribal hatred of a whole section of this country. Even more disturbing is how that hatred seems to bubble to the surface at the slightest provocation.
He is like a step-parent (especially one whose marriage happened in less than celebrated circumstances) who is always ready to see the worst in and overpunish a child whose very existence represents a rival s/he hates.
Deliberately, or because he cannot control himself – not sure which, President Lungu has used his office and allowed those around him to systematically ratchet up tribalism in a country that was well past tribal sentiment.
I am not sure what came first – EL’s obssessive hatred of his rival HH or his hatred of the Tonga and, by extension, their tribal cousins.
Whatever the case, the President needs to understand that his tribalism is the kind which has plunged countries into civil unrest.
I will end by asking the President a question – how does some vandal choosing to criminally cut down a ZESCO pole become a reflection on his whole DNA, his ancestors, his province?
If that pole had been cut down in Katete or Mpika, what would you have said? Would you have commented at all?
No, President Lungu, restrict your politcal battle to HH. Leave the Tonga alone! Bacula pafula!!

*By Ephraim Bbelemu*
*Mbabala MP*

If someone has not told the truth, then how do you characterize that, if not a lie?

I have deliberately not wanted to jump on the bandwagon of ignorant ones or those who deliberately ignore the truth to relish on a purely criminal issue to begin their diabolical tribal inclination talks. The said acts took place in Mbabala constituency for sure.

For record, I’m the current the Chairperson of the Committee on Energy, Water Development and Tourism in Parliament. Coincidentally this year as a committee we have been studying , among others, the subject of rural electrification. The report has been adopted by parliament and it may be more useful for people to read it than get excited with one incidence of criminality.

Second, it’s evil to imagine that a criminal can be encouraged to sabotage any electricity installation by political leaders, unless such accusers themselves are speaking from experience!

Third, you may wish to know that both as Mbabala and Dundumwezi constituencies, have been asking for increased police presence and capacities due to a high rate of crimes, including murders that have gone unresolved. At no time did we ascribe these crimes to tribe, even if in some cases they are committed by people who don’t speak Tonga.

Let those who claim to be leaders in Zambia grow up and stop sickening us wth their childish tribalism. What are they saying to my children and so many nieces and nephews who mothers are not Tonga?


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