Laura Miti condemns raid of journalists’ houses

It is being reported that Mr Clayson Hamaska, formerly a lecturer at Evelyn Hone College, had his home raided in the small hours of this morning by DEC officers.  Mr Hamasaka is known as the lecturer who reportedly lost his job for allowing UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema, to be interviewed on Hone Radio
Quite obviously, I have no idea what the officers were looking for in their early morning search of Mr Hamasaka’s home.  What I do know is that dawn raids on private citizens who have not been charged with any offence should raise eyebrows in a democracy (or had Mr Hamasaka been charged and I missed it??)  Seeing as I have no facts, I will not make any presumptions about what law Mr Hamasaka may have broken which then led to his family’s trauma.
I will say though that I hope the nation will be informed as to how decisions are made to carry out searches against citizens especially such traumatic ones. Was Mr Hamasaka believed to be dangerous, or a flight risk?
I hope the Inspector General of Police, and the Commissioner of the DEC will take the nation into their confidence as to what informed this morning’s raid.
I ask these questions in order to express my deep alarm at what seems to my, quite possibly untrained, eye to be the long strides backwards Zambia is taking as regards rule of law, respect for human rights and governance under the PF government.
Zambia belongs to its citizens. Each Political administration voted into office therefore has the duty to govern in accordance to the law and with respect for citizens’ rights.  The PF, like all other administrations before it, did not receive with its mandate the right to destroy the freedoms we fought so hard to acquire for ourselves. I wait to hear why Mr Hamasaka was raided this morning. As a citizen, I have the right to demand explanations and justifications for government actions that worry me. I hereby invoke that right.

Laura Miti
Zambian Citizen

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