Laura Miti hides more funding from fellow protesters

Laura Miti hides more funding from fellow protesters

Alliance for Community Action (ACA) country coordinator Laura Miti has received more funding, this time from the British High Commission in Lusaka to continue with her demonstrations against the procurement of fire tenders.

However, and this is our main concern, Ms Miti has concealed this cash from fellow protesters and actually stayed away from yesterday’s demonstrations led by ‘broke’ Sean Tembo.

British High Commission sources hinted that, Ms Miti met with High Commissioner Fergus Cochran – Dyet last week on Wednesday.

“Last week we were tasked to locate Ms. Miti by the High Commissioner and they finally met last week on Wednesday where she was ‘encouraged’ to continue with the demonstrations.

“Her organisation has since been funded to undertake countrywide demonstrations. So when we saw a story that even Albion was funding her we got a little concerned because we thought it was a noble cause,” said the Diplomatic source.

However, Laura who has been the prime mover of the demonstrations has not revealed to the other partners how much she was given by the Embassy.

Yesterday Laura stayed away from the demonstrations that was organised by Sean Tembo.

We are revealing these things not because we hate Miti or are against demonstrations but because that is our core job: to say even things some people don’t want to hear.

Readers can say whatever they want, we are used to such and don’t actually care but we shall never deviate from publishing what we know. We believe that those pointing fingers at others must do so with clean fingers.

Laura Miti’s fingers are not clean. We will soon tell you how she swindled one local journalist and her escapades with her step son.

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