Laura Miti not satisfied with Presidential press conference

Laura Miti not satisfied with Presidential press conference

Laura Miti writes
The Presidential Presser

My appraisal of the presidential is that the fact of it was commendable. A President must speak to citizens through the press. EL’s refusal to do what he did today more often has hurt him tremendously.

While the fact of the press address was a win, I found the content was by turns same old, same old, lacking the articulation of issues required of a President or downright shocking.

In particular the President’s answers on these questions were disturbing:

1. #Bill10 The President seems to genuinely believe resistance to atrocious Bill is a PF vs UPND battle. The arrogance on this matter that frightens so many citizens is unrelenting and stunning☹️!

2. Ministers salary repayment. What a dog’s dinner he made of explaining why Ministers are disobeying a court order🙆🏽‍♀️.

3. Chishimba Kambwili. This one was terribly unpresidential. Very personal and resentful comments.

4. Citizen right to assembly😮. Ati there should be times when people do not campaign. Our right to gather as citizens is campaigning??

5. #LowerZambezi🤔. Clearly we still have a battle on our hands.

6. Cadres at markets. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the President’s attempt to suggest cadres just took over markets and busstops without the party hierarchy knowing and facilitating it. 🙄!

7. Loadshedding – very unconvincing!

8. The economy and accountability: This one EL is fundamentally weak on, we all know that. So he reads what is written for him even if it is all fluff. And it is the economy we need him to turn around!

Overall, will give him 5/10 with 4 marks being because he actually held a press briefing and 1 on staying with the cadres-must-leave-markets difficult decision to make.

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  • comment-avatar
    Don Pedro 1 week ago

    One just has to look at the company ECL keeps.

    If you are blind – ask God to open your eyes and stop being dogmatic!

    It’s so bare!

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    The voice 1 week ago

    I shudder to think that there are still Politicians both opposition and ruling who still claim to say they speak for the masses. May someone please indicate at what point the same masses are consulted? I think it is best to sell your manifesto with dignity, then we the masses will speak for ourselves through the ballot.

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    A quick one bwana president who stops looking for employment the employed or the unemployed. Sir your justification regard state security is cowardice of highest level. You cant say I have become a president and no body else should want to be a president. For you your time to campaign was over in 2016 cause you had work to do, but for those that were not given the mandate it is time to persue the electorates. But instead the total opposite we have witnessed you have done more campaigns as pf than any other political party in this country ever since your take power in 2016. Immediately after were sworn in your third term campaign started. In short you have spent your eight years in power campaigning and the reason why the economy isn’t performing well, your excellency I have see how swift you and your minister are whenever they is a by election. If only the opposite was done leave the unemployed to keep looking for employment and employed to constrate on working zambia would have still be growing.

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    John 1 week ago

    The single biggest crisis in Zambia today is ECL/PF

    • comment-avatar
      Nyambe the Hero 1 week ago

      The crisis is at ECZ not Edgar Lungu’s lack of leadership qualities that people can clearly see after nearly 5 years of going round in circles.