Laura Miti questions the gay debate

Laura Miti questions the gay debate

Laura Miti writes
Kwena ba Lungu????

I am honestly perplexed at how the President found himself talking about gay rights in New York! Gay right????!
How are they even on a list of issues that should concern the President right now ????????‍♀️?

1. We are having 14 hour power cuts.
2. The informal sector that employs majority poor Zambians is bleeding due to those power cuts.
3. We have a desperate hunger crisis in parts of the country.
4. Mealiemeal and fuel prices are through the roof.
5. Vodacom has closed taking down many jobs.
6. We have a frightening constitutional ammendment bill going through Parliament
7.Government is broke because of shocking wastage and stealing of recklessly borrowed money.
8. Hospitals have no medicine.
9.There is an explosion of youth unemployment and desperation.
10. The public is desperate for a press briefing that addresses these issues but the President resolutely refuses to hold one leaving the country feeling patently leaderless.

Then the President makes some random statement about how he imagines that removing him from office will bring gay rights to Zambia.

Yaba ba Lungu!

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