Laura Miti says Lungu’s address to Parliament demeaning

Laura Miti says Lungu’s address to Parliament demeaning

Laura Miti writes;

When President Lungu goes to Parliament, he talks to Zambians like a rich uncle asked to preside over an extended family meeting he really could care less about.

Goes through the motions. Tells everyone what a wonderful family this is – don’t worry about the small problems, every one has problems. They will pass.

John, I hear you passed grade 12 – well done! All the best in university. (He is not going because there is no money for fees.)

Bana Mwansa, well done for watching over Late Shi Mwape’s children. (Bana Mwansa grabbed her late brother’s house for herself, leaving her nieces and nephews destitute.)

Be good children, remember I am just a phone call away. See you next time.

He jumps back into his shining Benz and goes off to his mansion.

*As he leaves, he mutters under his breath- the things I have to do for this damn family.”

Let me add salt to the leaking wound;

The moment I heard him say that, he is contemplating appointing a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Gassing, I knew he lacks leadership qualities a flop or unfit to be president.

Surely! Does that mean the entire security wings that gobbles a lot of Tax payers money have failed?
I suggest that he fires all top guys from all security.

This is not good!

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