Law forbidding individuals with foreign parentage to rule Zambia should remain

Law forbidding individuals with foreign parentage to rule Zambia should remain


Kenneth Kaunda and Dipak Patel

The current parentage clause which forbids Zambians with foreign parents to stand for president in Zambia should not be tempered with as it didn’t come from late president Dr Fredrick Chiluba, but from the majority Zambians at large which included Sata himself, and Dr Kaunda just happened to be a victim.

It was a cry of many Zambians for too long that Zambia like any other sovereign state should be ruled by indigenous Zambians and that’s why when MMD came into power, they enacted the law accordingly.  

 They were not targeting KK as such as his sympathisers are trying to portray, as he was no longer a factor after he left office in the manna he did, very embarrassing indeed. Was it going to make sense for the country to fail to heed the cries of the people because of one person? I believe it was going to be utter stupidity on our part, as it is going to be if we go ahead and amend this clause in order to please a few people like Mr Simon Zuka, Dipak Patel and Dr Guy Scot among others just because they are friends to the Post News Paper and Sata.
As a matter of facts even if you say that it was targeted at KK, so what? He did his part for 27 years and it was going to be foolishness on the part of us Zambian if we had allowed him to bounce back, especially where he took us as a nation. At the same time as Zambia lacked people to lead? Please let us  as Zambians not be brain washed by Sata and Post News Paper to amend this clause just in order to please the few Indians and Whites.
Time to worship Indians, Chines or Whites is over and indeed time of ascribing wamuyaya to any human being instead of God is over.  I am sure if we go ahead and do it even in their hearts, the same Patel and Zukas will be laughing at us as being crazy because have you seen any black person with parents from say Africa who has ever been allowed to stand for president in India, China or anywhere in Europe? Even in the US, president Obama’s mother was indigenous white American. Come on let us be serious!
I repeat Zambians should not be brain washed by those who are enjoying honey moon like Sata, Post Newspaper and them.
This is the problem of assuming office through the back door, as a president you will be forced to do even crazy things in order to please your supporters. I tell you fellow citizens, if you are expecting any meaningful development from Sata apart from rewarding his minions, you better think again. Sata was part and parcel of the people, if not even in forefront of the people who convinced late Chiluba to come up with the same clause, but today because he is in power and he wants to please his supporters they are campaigning for the amendment of the parentage clause.
Is it not the same Michael Sata who has just fired the judges for just ordering Fred Membe to pay back the 14 billion loan which he got from the Development Bank of Zambia in unclear circumstances when the same punishment and even harsh ones has been given to others who failed to pay back the bank the small amounts they would have been owing?
People may be wondering as to why aim mentioning Sata here, it’s very simple. Am mentioning Sata because he was one of the people who brought this law into being and because today his supporters want it changed, he is quite. He wants it changed to please ba Mwenye. What a man mother Zambia has for president?
Anyway if they go ahead and amend this clause in order to please Zukas and Dipak Partel, when ZRP gets in power we will reverse it.
Written by Elisha K Musoma ZRP President.

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