Law to block HH from running for president coming – Lubinda

Law to block HH from running for president coming – Lubinda

Justice minister Given Lubinda says he shall present the political party’s bill in the next sitting of parliament. The political parties bill is meant at blocking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from contesting the next election. The bill is also aimed at giving the government power to control opposition parties.

Speaking in parliament yesterday, Mr Lubinda who is also Kabwata Member of Parliament wondered how UPND has continued to participate in the growth of national democary when the party has not held intraparty elections since 2005.

“Madam (Speaker), we shall be coming next sitting with political party’s bill to make sure we entreach democracy in our political parties,” Mr Lubinda said.

“There must be democracy in political parties, we can not have political parties that are not Democratic.”

Meanwhile Lubinda claimed that he is the legitimately elected National Chairperson For Information and Publicity in UPND.

“For the sake of the record, madam speaker, I happen to be the last legitimately elected chairperson for information and publicity in the party called United Party for National Development,” Claimed Lubinda

He said ” To date, Madam Speaker, I have not been replaced since 2005, check the records for elections, it will show that Given Lubinda sometimes called Zayelo is chairman for information for UPND, surely how can that be?.”

Lubinda, claimed that the political party bill will cure a number of undemocratic tendencies among which includes the fielding of the same losing political leader.

The Lubinda turned to worshiping his earthly god Edgar Lungu by claiming that the lives of Zambians were in safe hands under the leadership of Lungu. He said that tampering with the authority of Lungu government was an exercise purely out of immorality.

Given Lubinda is a well known traitor and womaniser. ZWD will show how in the next few days.

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