Law to make reading ZWD criminal coming

Government is drafting a law that will criminalise the accessing of some online publications especially the Zambian Watchdog for what ailing dictator Michael Sata calls “undressing the nation.”
This will mean that it will be a criminal offence to read or merely access the Zambian Watchdog or any of the other sites that will be banned. They will follow you up using the details you provided the time you registred your mobile phone sim card. That was the main idea of registering simcards; it is to try and control what people read or comment.
The strategy which is being considered as top secret is being spearheaded by the cartel comprising Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe, Justice minister Wynter Kabimba, DPP Mutembo Nchito, Attorney General Mumba Malila and the newly recruited member, Solicitor General Musa Mwenye.
“The Watchdog is just too advanced for the PF and because of the huge costs involved in blocking it, government now wants to pass a law in the next parliament to criminalise whoever accesses or contributes to the site because by then all data of the sim card will already have been captured. They want the attorney general to complain on behalf of the government and then later it will go to cabinet,” said the impeccable source.

Minister of communications Yamfwa Mukanga already announced that Zambia plans to introduce a law to regulate online media.
Mukanga said on Wednesday that the Zambian government is working with the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) to introduce the law to make online media ‘accountable’.
“We have to find a way of controlling them because they are tarnishing the image of our country. Of late, we have seen a lot of things published by online media that are every negative because they publish anything,” Mukanga said.
Of late, M’membe has been trying to prepare the minds of the people by complaining about social media.
The source further disclosed that the law would allow the PF regime to ban any civil society organizations critical to government.
Meanwhile the publication of the draft constitution by the Zambian Watchdog has severely offended the head of state and is expected to make some reshuffles to government.

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