Lawlessness at Kabwata KCC

Lawlessness at Kabwata KCC.
Please expose the levels of impunity with which bar owners are trading at Kabwata Shopping Complex popularly known as KCC.
Firstly, the volume of music is extremely loud during the day as well as throughout the night.
Secondly, they openly diregard the council by-laws of closing at 10pm, instead choosing to close at 5am daily.
Thirdly, the bars have placed several containers throughout the parking lot where they sell beer illegally. These containers have greatly reduced parking space and patrons end up parking in front of residential gates on Burma, Mopani and Obote Roads.
These people cause traffic jams on Chibwa Road even late at night after 11pm. It takes us residents several minutes just to enter our yards, due to the behavior of these drunkards refusing to move their vehicles. We are afraid to argue with them because some of them are from sikanze police camp nearby.
RTSA and Lusaka City Council have chosen to ignore several petitions and individual letters from Madras and Kabwata residents regarding loud music and beer bottles and plastic chi cups from uncle T’s and royal splash, littering the roads and clogging the drainage systems. On one hand, the council is pretending to fight cholera, yet allows the bars to sell roasted meat in open air, and garbage to pile up in the drains. This leads us to believe the rumours that the bar owners are actually politicians interfering with the council. Our children fail to sleep due to the music and vibration that can be felt several hundred meters from the bars. Long term effects of sleeplessness and exposure to loud noises, is extremely detrimental to our health. One resident had sound-proof windows fitted to his house to keep out the sound. I have lived my entire life in this area and never saw such nonsense until this year. This nonsense has been going on since the beginning of the year. The first petition was handed to the council in March and the others in July and August. It seems the authorities have no power over regulation of pubs in this particular area. According to some residents, insiders from the council have admitted that political influence has stopped them from taking action. Every time the council is asked about the issue, they give the same answer of “we are processing the papers”. It has taken over 6 months, but in other areas they are able to easily raid bars that open after 10pm. Please hide my ID


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    Musa 4 months

    Truthfully, if the first Lady is angry about the teachers that chewed those young girls, let her come and visit less than 10km from statehouse. She will vomit for sure.
    She will see humans acting like animals. The place is an open den for industrial levels of sexual abuse of kids.
    Kids are found screwing on the streets of madras as if they are dogs.
    Those of you that think this is OK, wait till your kid comes home pregnant, or shitting themselves with HIV. Then you’ll be converted.
    Kids come from far off places, even your seemingly distant homes

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      mailon 4 months

      Ati “..industrial levels of sexual abuse…”kikiki wandepula boyi.
      On the other hand i once took my car for cleaning on a saturday afternoon behind KCC the took a walk there.I was truly disgusted.

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        Musa 4 months

        If someone wanted to do the public a service, they should set up cameras on the roads and at the pub. Record the acts and the car plates and people and publicise on a scandal page. Then people would be shamed into action

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    Ba Mukonboni 4 months

    Those empty beer tins are from the residents of Madras. Besides,don’t tell us what or when to do things in our country.