Lawlessness: PF cadres close government offices in Petauke

Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Petauke this morning swung into action closing three offices and accusing officers of being opposition MMD followers.

The cadres who were led by District Information and Publicity Secretary, Ledger Tembo, closed the District Administrative Officer’s
office, the District Board Secretary’s office and the District Local Court Officer’s office.

And speaking to ZANIS,  the PF district information and publicity officer said the party officials were just following up the petition
that they did shortly after the coming into power by the Patriotic Front government.

Mr Tembo said the officers in question had continued the MMD working culture, alleging that they were bringing the name of the ruling party into disrepute.

And reacting to the incident, District Administrative Officer, Simeon Banda, said he was not objecting the closing of his office but said he
was a civil servant and as such he will continue reporting to the office until the Public Service Commission advises.

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