Lawyer Hangandu: my father was with female police officer when he died

Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Hangandu says the police are protecting the female police officer who booked a room with his father when he died in Kafue last week.

Joseph  Hangandu the father to Kelvin, the  former UNZA assistant registrar, was recently found dead in a room at Inkanga lodge in Kafue after booking in with a female companion.

But the police say witnesses failed  to indentify the suspect at an identification parade.

Former Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga said a named witness from Inkanga Lodge failed to identify the woman he saw book a room with the late Hang’andu.

“The identification parade was supposed to take place yesterday or before yesterday, but we were told that the watchman had gone on leave. But it was finally done yesterday and the witnesses failed to identify anyone,” she said.
Katanga said police had done their part by allowing an identification parade but it was unfortunate that it did not yield any positive outcome.

“As police, we have done our part. As far as we are concerned, a postmortem was done and the outcome was that he (Hang’andu) died from a rapture of the heart due to high blood pressure,” said Katanga.

But Kelvin Hangandu has accused the police of playing tricks and protecting their fellow police officer working at Chilanga station.

Hangandu says the said police officer is a known long time ‘girlfriend’ of the late 64-year old  Hangandu.

He said he has written to the Inspector-general Police demanding a second postmorten and identification parade.

He said the cased is clear case of murder or manslaughter.


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