Lawyer in Stanbic v Savenda bribery buys Benz for $200, 000

Lawyer in Stanbic v Savenda bribery buys Benz for $200, 000

Last week, Lubinda Linyama, one of Eric Silwamba junior partner was in South Africa ostensibly to attend to some Zambia Railways meeting. Lubinda is the chairman for Zambia Railways.

He can cheat the rest of the country but not ZWD. Lubinda was in South Africa to buy this 2017 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG. He bought it in RSA for $200,000 USD cash. As you can see that is Linyama posing on his latest acquisition.

All these are Proceeds of corruption from the Savenda versus STANBIC bank corruption case (proceeds of judges bribes).

Can Lubinda explain where he got the money to buy this Benz at such a high price? And chances are that he won’t even pay tax.

Eric Silwamba, Jalasi & Linyama Legal Practitioners is one of the law firms that are named in the Financial Intelligence Centre Report for 2017 as conduits for money laundering.

In the case of Savenda v Stanbic, the High Court ordered Stanbic to compensate Savenda K192m for loss of contracts after Stanbic negligently and maliciously reported Savenda to the credit Reference Bureau. But the Supreme Court trashed the High court Judgement and instead ordered Savenda to pay costs from the time the case started, generating public outcry and suspicion that the Supreme Court has been bribed. The bill which Silwamba wants Savenda to pay the Bank is K10 million.

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