Lawyer Mosho faces contempt of court charges

Lawyer Mosho faces contempt of court charges

The Kabwe High Court has authorised Kingphar Company Zambia Limited director and its employee to commence contempt proceedings against notorious Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho for illegally appointing himself as a business rescue administrator of the firm.

Mosho entered into a consent judgment with himself in a company he does not own.

This is in a matter Youjun Zhuang and Wang Qinghai as first and second appellants sued Kingphar, Mulozi Trading limited, Bumu General Trading FZE and Lewis Mosho as respondent and interested parties, challenging their decision to place the company under liquidation.

According to an order granting leave to apply for an order of committal for contempt of court dated May 26, Kabwe High Court judge Isaac Kamwendo granted Youjun Zhuang and Wang Qinghai’s lawyers to commence contempt proceedings against Mosho.

“Upon hearing counsel for the plaintiffs and upon reading the affidavit in support of an application for leave to commence proceedings of contempt of court herein, it is hereby ordered that the applicant be and is hereby granted leave to commence proceedings for contempt of court,” said judge Kamwendo.

Mosho is alleged to have illegally entered into a consent order with the parties and appointed himself as business rescue administrator for Kingphar.

But last week, judge Kamwendo stayed the consent order he granted against Kingphar Company Zambia Limited, which placed the firm on liquidation and appointed Mosho as its business rescue administrator.

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