Lawyer Mushipe asks HH, GBM to rescind Chilanga adoption

Martha Mushipe writes:

Dear HH and GBM.
I write with a conscious of future events. But with doubts in our NMC team and our elections team. The adoption of musonda the girlfriend to Keith Mukata as Chilanga candidate is leading us to destruction and nothing else. This woman will be very difficult to sale to the community and PF and other political players will find it easy to mock us on this. Its not a secret, she is the cause of the keith murder case. Do u think the family for keith are happy that she is free while their own is to be killed? Do u think Chilanga community has forgotten that musonda caused the killing?
She maybe innocent but the fact that she was involved, then she is not a right candidate for Chilanga.
If we can’t find other candidates then merge with NDC and support their candidate or withdraw the race. Otherwise, be ready to meet Max, Antonio, Sunday, Hapunda, Tayali and others in Chilanga.
Mr President if this adoption has your blessing, then think twice.

Martha Mushipe: Copied from another forum.

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