Lawyer Nchito in court today on political charges


Abel Mboozi

Abel Mboozi


Following a complaint by former post reporter Abel Mboozi, Lusaka lawyer Nchima Nchito will today appear in court.

Mboozi is accusing Nchito of impersonating a lawyer of the Post newspaper. Mboozi was paid K200, 000 by the PF and their lawyer Lewis Mosho to make a complaint against Fred M’membe and his lawyers. So far Mutinta Mazoka has been arrested following Mboozi’ s complaint.

Mboozi, in the photo below, had wanted Nchito arrested and even obtained a warrant of arrest. But last Thursday , Nchito challenged Mboozi in court saying there was no need to arrest him as he will appear in court willingly.

Nchima Nchito asked the court to cancel the warrant of arrest but Mboozi resisted as he wanted him arrested.

Lusaka principal magistrate Greenwell Malumani however canceled the arrest warrant despite Abel Mboozi’ spirited objections.

Mboozi complained to the court that Nchito , was impersonating an advocate of the post newspapers (in liquidation) when his services were terminated by the newspaper’s provisional liquidator Lewis Mosho.

After hearing from both Nchito and Mboozi, Magistrate Malumani cancelled the arrest warrant.

Nchito is expected to appear in court today with Mboozi as complainant.

Mboozi risks being sued for malicious prosecution eventually as his case against State counsel Nchima Nchito is basically political and has no grounds.

Malicious prosecution is the wrongful institution of criminal proceedings against someone without reasonable grounds.

Now Imagine, Mboozi, a journalist with limited journalistic skills picks on one of the country’ s top lawyers?

We shall wait and see.

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