Lawyers want Judge Wood suspended as well as LAZ bans lawyers from commenting on K14b case

Lawyers want Judge Wood suspended as well as LAZ bans lawyers from commenting on K14b case

James Banda bans other lawyers from commenting

Some named lawyers have written to President Michael Sata to suspend Judge Albert Mark Wood in the heating up scandal involving K14 billion that DPP Mutembo Nchito and Fred M’membe  owner of the Post owe DBZ, a public bank run by tax payers’ money.

And the Law Association of Zambia has now banned lawyers from saying anything on the matter where president Sata has suspended three judges in the same matter.

LAZ says any lawyer who will talk to journalists, appear on TV or talk on radio on the suspension of Judges and the K14 billion loan by Zambian airways from DBZ may have his licence revoked.

This in effect means that only LAZ president James Banda will be the only one who will be speaking on the matter.

But James Banda is a partner of Judge Albert Wood (They run a law firm together) who is at the centre of the controversy and James Banda is the one who reported the matter to president Sata.

On the petition to Sata, the lawyers contend that Judge Wood should also be suspended to make sure that the investigation in the matter is thorough.

According to the allegation, Judge Wood is the one who was handling the matter but the other judges transferred the matter from him.

It is believed that the other Judges who include the Judge in charge at the time, decided to transfer the case from Judge Wood because he is a personal friend of Fred M’membe, one of the persons who were sued.

Judge Wood and Fred M’membe were working together at Zambia State Insurance Corporation in the late 1980s and were usually together.

The lawyers who have written to Sata argue that it will only be fair that the other accusations including Judge Wood are investigated as well and that he cannot continue being in office at this time.

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