LAZ accuses Scott of court contempt on Judge Chikopa’s stay in Zambia

LAZ accuses Scott of court contempt on Judge Chikopa’s stay in Zambia

Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has accused ceremonial Vice-president Guy Scott of committing court contempt by categorically stating that the Malawian judge  Lovemore Chikopa is in the country because the tribunal is on.

LAZ president James Banda said it was irregular for the vice-president Scott to say that the Chikopa tribunal was on when the case was yet to be concluded in the Zambian Supreme Court.

Last week, when asked to comment on the status of the Malawian Judge, Scott told parliament that Judge Chikopo was is Zambia because the tribunal was on.

And Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has appealed to government to consider advising Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa to return to his country and only come back to Zambia when the tribunal he is supposed to chair commences sitting.

SACCORD information officer Obby Chibuluma has said that the continued stay of the Malawian judge in the country is unnecessary.

Mr. Chibuluma told QFM news that there was no need for Judge Chikopa to continue staying in the country at the expense of tax payers’ money when he can return to his country.

President Michael Sata in May last year suspended Supreme Court judge Philip Musonda and High Court judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga over their conduct in a civil case involving the Development Bank of Zambia as complaint and The Post Newspapers Limited, Mutembo Nchito and JNC holdings Limited as defendants.

President Sata consequently set up a tribunal to be led by judge Chikopa to investigate the alleged misconduct of the three judges.

He said that it was clear that the tribunal is on hold and that no work can be done in that regard.

On Friday, parliament herd that Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa who was invited by Government to chair a tribunal instituted by President Michael Sata to probe three judges is still in Zambia.

Vice President Guy Scott told the House that Judge Chikopa was in the country and that the tribunal to be chaired by the Malawian Judge was still on.

“Mr Speaker, Judge Chikopa is around and the tribunal is on,” he said. He was responding to MMD Vubwi Member of Parliament (MP) Eustarkio Kazonga who wanted to know the whereabouts of Judge Chikopa following his appointment to chair the tribunal.


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