LAZ agrees to protect corrupt judges

LAZ  agrees to protect corrupt judges

Notoriously corrupt lawyer Eric Silwamba has just convinced the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to shield his corrupt activities with some Supreme Court judges.

OP sources have informed the Watchdog that Silwamba and his agents have been having clandestine meetings with some LAZ officials following revelations that Stanbic Bank bribed the Supreme Court to set aside a High Court order that found the bank guilty.

Stanbic was ordered to pay Savenda management K192 million for negligently reporting Savenda to the Credit Reference Bureau thereby causing the local company to lose contracts. But the Supreme Court instead trashed the judgement and now wants Savenda to pay Stanbic K10 million in costs which is almost equivalent to what they received in bribes.

After meeting Silwamba, LAZ is today expected to issue a statement protecting the judges under the guise of judicial independence.

LAZ will try to block any investigation of the said corruption.

Yesterday, some NGOs petitioned the ACC to investigate the alleged corruption.

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    kahomango 5 days ago

    The tragedy we have in Zambia is that we only consider a court to be fair and just if it rules in our favour. The same court suddenly becomes corrupt should it deliver judgement which we don’t like. It’s my humble submission _ and I stand to be corrected_ that the three Supreme Court judges are nothing but innocent victims of political machinations. As far as I am concerned, they are completely innocent and their accusers know it.

  • comment-avatar
    Mafuta 6 days ago

    These are criminals and not honorable men. 

  • comment-avatar

    Zambians are gullible…how can people believe such trash. Ba watchdog mulekwata amano

  • comment-avatar
    Jimmy Shaba 7 days ago

    Too much stupidity and falsehoods social media

  • comment-avatar
    Dominic 7 days ago

    Was the money actually paid to the Honorable Judges?We should guard against people peddling falsehoods against difference persons just to tarnish their names as has become the practice.