LAZ castigated over Mchenga

Former State House Press Aide, Richard Sakala has castigated the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) for demanding the resignation of Director of Public Relations (DPP) Chalwe Muchenga.

Mr. Sakala said the demand by LAZ for the DPP to resign is not only illegal but irregular and also shows the worst hypocrisy on the part of LAZ.

He has since accused the association of being politically inclined.

Mr. Sakala said this at press briefing in Lusaka today where he also launched his book “Mockery of Justice” experience with the criminal justice system (2001-2008)

The former State House Press Aide said he was disturbed that LAZ was becoming political instead of instead of defending the constitutions of Zambia .

He said he was jailed by the now disbanded Tasks Force on corruption which was an illegal entity but the LAZ failed to act on it despite him requesting its intervention.

He said LAZ appears to be very selective in the cause they champion accusing them of been silent and turning a blind eye to gross abuses.

Mr. Sakala has since called on LAZ to be fair in the dealing arguing them to uphold the constitution of Zambia.

“I was personally prosecuted and sent to prison by the task force on corruption which was totally an illegal and unconstitutional body.

” I wrote to LAZ for their intervention but my complaint has been left pending on their file. This is neither just, fair nor proper “he said.

Mr. Sakala has also called for the opening of investigations in the establishment of the task force on corruption where more than US$ 25 million was spend.

He charged that LAZ are now attempting to demonize and eliminate the Vice President as a way to divert attention from the gross financial and legal abuses by the task force.

Mr. Sakala has also observed that unfair and unbalanced stance by LAZ and some section of the media have the potential to disrupt the peace and order the country has enjoyed since independence.


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