LAZ celebrates jailing of anti- corruption activist

LAZ celebrates jailing of anti- corruption activist


Compromised and weak Law Association of Zambia president Eddie Mwitwa has welcomed the conviction of anti Corruption activist Gregory Chifire.

Mwitwa who is reported to have been among some of the lawyers that were celebrating the verdict at the LAZ bar on friday evening with his disgraced mentor Eric Silwamba told ZNBC that the sentencing had sent a strong signal against citizens undermining the judiciary.

Just after the judgment, Mwitwa had a meeting with deputy Chief Justice Mwanamwamba probably to give solidarity to the disgraced judges.

He said LAZ welcomes Chifire’s six year jail sentence for contempt of court charges saying it’s a strong signal.

Some Lawyers have since questioned Mwitwa’s position as the organisation is known to support human rights defenders.

With a mole at its helm, LAZ has reached its lowest ebb from the time it was created.

We wish to alert NGOs, embassies and other international organizations that are in the habit of consulting Mwitwa to be wary of him. He is a traitor and mole. He sells confidential information. He had been doing that even when he was deputy to Linda Kasonde.


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