LAZ condemns Kambwili’s promotion of tribalism

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), has observed, with deep concern, the continued issuance of tribal remarks by politicians as they jostle for support ahead of the upcoming Presidential and General Elections. Former Cabinet Minister and member of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), Mr. Chishimba Kambwili, for instance, has been captured on video making tribal remarks against Tonga speaking people.
Buoyed by its objects under section 4 of Law Association of Zambia Act, Chapter 31 of the Laws of Zambia, its founding statute, LAZ is duty bound to promote the rule of law in the conduct of national affairs, including election campaigns.
Non-discrimination is one of the named national values and principles under Article 8 of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act, 2016 and it is LAZ’s settled expectation that political players, irrespective of which party they hail from, will conduct their campaigns for election to public offices, established by the same Constitution, in a manner that respects the values and principles espoused thereunder.
Promotion of tribalism amounts to discrimination under the Constitution and has the further unfortunate effect of increasing the political tensions and threatens peace in the country before, during and after elections, which LAZ, with other stakeholders has continued to promote. It is also an affront to citizens’ rights and liberties.
Tribal remarks, in any form, must be avoided especially coming at the backdrop of the passing of the first Republican President, His Excellency Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda, who dedicated his life to the promotion of non-discrimination in our famed national motto of “One Zambia, One Nation”.
LAZ therefore, calls on Mr. Kambwili and all other political players to desist from uttering tribal remarks. LAZ remains committed to seeking the advancement of the rule of law and of the rights and liberties of citizens as well as entrenching constitutionalism and democratic practices in the country.
Dated this 30th day of June, 2021.

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