LAZ defends Nchito in court

LAZ defends Nchito in court

Abel Mboozi

Abel Mboozi

A Lusaka magistrate has allowed the Law Association of Zambia to appoint a lawyer to represent one of its prominent members Chima Nchito who is being persecuted by the government.

In this matter a former reporter for the Post Abel Mboozi was paid K200, 000 by the PF to make stupid accusations against state counsel Chima Nchito. According to Abel Mboozi who is supervised by a crooked lawyer Lewis Mosho, Nchito is impersonating a lawyer of the Post Newspapers Limited.

Defense lawyer Musa Mwenye started by informing the court that he has been engaged by Law Association of Zambia to represent the accused.

PF prosecutor Rabson Malipenga tried to object in vain that LAZ is a statutory body without a mandate to appoint lawyers to represent clients in criminal matters.

But Magistrate Malumani said he had no problems with LAZ appointing a lawyer to represent Nchito.
Magistrate Malumani explained to the PF prosecutor that the LAZ Act does not explicitly state that LAZ should not provide lawyers to its members in criminal matters.

The Defense later asked the court to quash the indictment because it is defective.

Defense lawyer Musa Mwenye argued that the Supreme Court allows a lawyer to use the name of the company in liquidation when representing its shareholders and directors.

He further explained that the state has not established that Mr. Nchito had intent to defraud when he allegedly impersonated a lawyer representing the Post in liquidation.

Confused by these cogent arguments, PF prosecutor Rabson Malipenga asked for an adjournment to allow him study the submission by the defense before responding.

Real dullard. Why didn’t he study the case before going to court? A proper lawyer looks at the case from the opposing side as well and develops anticipated counter arguments in advance.
The case has been adjourned to 3 April 2017.

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