LAZ dismisses lies that lawyers wil now be paid only after winning case

LAZ dismisses lies that lawyers wil now be paid  only after winning case

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has dismissed   as incorrect suggestions that clients will now be paying lawyers only  if  they win a case.

Laz says the incorrect information was based on the failure by Tines of Zambia staff to understand what was being discussed.

In statement,  LAZ clarified that what they are planing to introduce in Zambia is a ‘contingent fee arrangement’ which is currently not allowed in Zambia.

A contingent fee agreement sometimes called ‘no win no fee’ agreement generally means that you don’t pay the lawyer in advance but that if he wins the case, she will get an agreed percentage from the compensation the court will give you. If he loses, he gets nothing.  It’s only available to civil matters and not criminal cases. It does not replace the current system but is an option.

Eddie Mwitwa

The Times PF Zambia earlier in the week reported this erroneous article:


The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is in the process of amending the law so that lawyers are only paid after winning a case in court.

LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa said currently lawyers only offer legal services after being paid by a client regardless of whether the cases is won or not.

Mr Mwitwa says LAZ was also proposing that lawyers be made to themselves more available for unpaid (pro bono) work to provide legal aid to people who cannot afford standard fees.

“As a counsel at LAZ, we are trying to help people who can’t afford legal services but have got good cases. We are trying to amend the law for lawyers to agree with their clients to only be paid if they win cases in court,” he said.


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