LAZ gives ministers ultimatum to refund illegal salaries

LAZ gives ministers ultimatum to refund illegal salaries

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has given a seven-day ultimatum to 63 Cabinet ministers who illegally stayed in office in 2016 after dissolution of parliament – to pay back all the monies they received.

And LAZ has advised ministers’ lawyers to advise their clients to respect the court and pay the money they received, whose quantum, they individually know, to avoid further and unnecessary applications in court.

The Association further warned that if the funds were not received within the appointed period, it will move the court to compel them to do so.

The LAZ letter followed the ministers refusal to pay back to the state allowances and salaries they illegally received as ordered by the Constitutional Court.

It has been three years now since the court ordered them to pay back, but the ministers have not done so with Justice minister Given Lubinda insisting that he would not pay back because he did not work for free.

This was in case where the United Party for National Development (UPND) secretary general Steven Katuka and LAZ petitioned the court to order the ministers who stayed in office after dissolution of Parliament to pay back the monies they received.

In a letter addressed to ministers’ lawyers Ellis and Co, D. H Kemp and Company and Lungu Simwanza and Company, LAZ stated that, “According to the Judgment of the Constitutional Court dated 10th August 2016, your clients were ordered to pay back all the emoluments received from the
Republic between 12th May 2016, when Parliament was dissolved and 10th August 2016, when the Judgment was delivered, “read the letter in part. “Kindly advise your clients to pay the money due to the Republic into our clients’ account, whose details appear below, within seven (7) days from the date of this letter. If these funds are not received within the appointed period, we will move the Court.”

LAZ further stated that, as soon as the funds are received, it would be remitted to the appropriate account of the Republic of Zambia to be advised by the Attorney General, to whom they had taken the liberty to copy the letter.

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    Diyo Maxwell 6 days ago

    Monsters follow the law

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    Saimbwende 7 days ago

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    Ngana 2 weeks ago

    The Lazy Association of Zambia is playing politics, orders of the courts are very specific. The lazy should better that’s why the Attorney General has applied to court for a specific figure to be indicated

  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Just pay back.When judgement is on your side,  you say we need to respect the law. When judgement is against you, you say no it’s not fair.

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